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Harry (portus)

gold_snitcher in portus_lj

Calling all BETA READERS!

Portus is looking for beta-readers!

If you would be/might be interested in helping someone proof their fanfic, then please take a moment to fill-out a post with the information behind the cut so that fanfic writers can choose someone that's best suited to their needs!


Email: (working email address that you regularly check)
Length of Fic: (what is the length of fic you would be willing to edit)
Pairings: (what pairings are you willing to read)
Ratings: (what are the ratings you are willing to read. Is there specific content you would prefer to avoid?)
Availability: (how free are you to commit to beta reading, so that an author can get a sense of how long they might have to wait to receive their edited fic)
Comments: (anything further you'd like to contribute, what your strengths are in editing etc.)


Beta Reader form

Name: Becky

Email: jpottermalfoy@yahoo.com

Length of Fic: 1000-100,000 words

Pairings: I mostly read Harry/Draco, with Harry/Draco threesomes, moresomes.

Ratings: I read all ratings-G, PG, PG-13, R, NC-17. I prefer R or NC-17.

Availability: Pretty much continuous. Not working at the moment. Only time I would not be available is maybe 1 week or less every 3-4 months, as I visit family then with limited internet service.

Comments: I detest spelling errors in a fic. I can understand the simple ones, like putting 'who' in place of 'how' (same letters, different sequence), but spelling names wrong the entire story gets on my last nerve. For example: Hary, Hairy, Drako, Dumbldore, MacGonagull. If I'm going to beta-read for anyone, I will look for spelling errors.

Sentence structure is important. Proper nouns, verbs, and punctuation will be reviewed.

I may sound a bit stuffy, but I go for the quality aspect in a story. I have been told I have a wicked sense of humor by various friends and family members, so I'm not quite as harsh as it sounds. I'm also a closet pervert, which sort of goes hand-in-hand with my sense of humor.

I'm really not as bad as it sounds here. You can email me here on LJ, or at my regular email address if you'd like to know me a bit better before making a decision.

April 2008

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